Instructions for Screening of Advanced Seminar in Sociology 2018

Information (Aug 28th) On the result of the 1st round of application

The number of applicants for the 1st round of application was very few, and so
all applicants have passed the screening. As a result, the interview has been canceled.

If you are an applicant to the 1st round, congratulations. Please read the following instructions.

Please buy (or borrow) the textbook. This is very important. Do not be late. Please order the book right now.
Textbook: Anthony Giddens, 1990, The Consequences of Modernity, Polity Press

The seminar starts on October 3rd. On the day, after the seminar on the 5th period, we are planning to have a welcome party (at maybe some izakaya). We (I and senior students) hope you will join it.

Some SILS students say that there is not a major system at SILS, because SILS is a liberal arts school. This is totally wrong.
It is true that SILS is a liberal arts school, but there is a major system. The subject of the advanced seminar you choose is your major. Therefore, your major is sociology. Please try to take as many and diverse classes on sociology.

Please register classes below
1. Sociological Theories (an intermediate course, 3rd period of Thursday)
2. Selected Topics in Sociology (an advanced course, 3rd and 4th periods of Wednesday). As for this advanced course, you can take it in 2019.

(Below was posted on Aut 1st)

The contents of this page are subject to change.
All applicants should keep paying attention to this page and follow instructions.

Applicants need to be very much interested in sociology.
It is advisable that students have studeied some introductory courses in sociology.
In this seminar, I will not expaline basic knowlege of sociology, because this is an advanced seminar.
If you think you lack sufficient knowledge of sociology, it is strongly recommended that you will take courses below.
1. Introduction to sociology (SILS, spring 2019)
2. Sociological theories (SILS, autumn 2018)
3. Selected topics in sociology (SILS, autumn 2018.This course is compulsory.)

If you have any question, do not hesitate to mail to me, by clicking below.

Mail to Sakurai

If I receive a mail from applicants, I will never fail to reply in a few days.
If you do not receive my reply, it means you mail did not reach me.
In that case, please try again.

yPz Necessary Procedures

Every applicant is required to make an application for the seminar to the office of SILS through the website of SILS.
On the application, students are required to write 'reasons for application' and 'self introduction'.
There may be limitation of words (for instance, within 300 words), but ignore this instruction.
Please write in detail about 'reason for application' and 'self introduction'.
You can write over the limitation. It will be appreciated.

Interviews are scheduled for Aug 30th and 31st.
An information of interviews will be posted here.
Please check this page.

yRz Seminar Courses

1. Autumn semester 2018: We will study basic ideas and theories using an advanced textbook.
It may take some time before you get the book after ordering it, please order it soon when you passed the screening.

The Text book for autumn 2018 seminar

Anthony Giddens, 1990, The Consequences of Modernity, Polity Press

2. Spring semester 2019: Each student makes presentation about his/her graduation thesis.
Topics of research must be chosen from sociology.
If you are going to graduate at the end of the spring semester 2019, you need to submit your graduation thesis in July 2019.

3. Autumn semester 2018: Continuattion. Students submit graduation theses at the end of the semester.

y4z Details of the Seminar

(1) Presentations and discussion will be conducted only in English.

(2) Schedule: to be announced

The seminar will be conducted on the 5th period of Wednesday. Below is a notification for 2019 applicants.
Please ignore them in 2018.

On the timetable announced by the office, the seminar is scheduled only on the 5th period. However, actually, the seminar will continue until 6th perios. Every junior student must attend both classes.
Therefore, junior students cannot be registered to any course conducted in the 6th period. Senior students can take some course in the 6th period.

* Here, a 'junior' student means a student who is enrolled in the seminar from September 2012.

y6z Your Major

If you are enrolled in this seminar, it means your major is sociology. SILS is an interdisciplinary school, but in the junior and senior years, each student chooses his/her major. In this seminar, only sociology will be studied. Social psychology, psychology will not be studied.

Basic knowledge of sociology is necessary, though not required. If you enter this seminar and if you lack basic knowledge of sociology, you should try to acquire them.

y6z Examples of Topics to be Studied in this Seminar

Below are contents of a representative textbook of sociology. You can choose one of these topics for your thesis.

Anthony Giddens and Philip W. Sutton 2013, Sociology, 7th ed., Polity Press

Table of Contents

1. What is Sociology?
2. Asking and Answering Sociological Questions
3. Theories and Perspectives
4. Globalization and the Social Change
5. The Environment
6. Cities and Urban Life
7. Work and Economy
8. Social Interaction and Everyday Life
9. The Life-Course
10. Families and Intimate Relationships
11. Health, Illness and Disability
12. Stratification and Social Class
13. Poverty, Social Exclusion and Welfare
14. Global Inequality
15. Gender and Sexuality
16. Race, Ethnicity and Migration.
17. Religion
18. The Media
19. Organizations and Networks
20. Education
21. Crime and Deviance
22. Politics, Government and Social Movements
23. Nations, War and Terrorism

Topics that has no relation with sociology is not acceptable.